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If you’re dealing with a current challenge or situation, we can help you through it. If everything is running smoothly, we can help you keep that momentum going. If you’re looking for an HR partner to call on when you need it, we can give you that peace of mind.

We want to help create a strong community. We do that by working with small business owners and organizations. When small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, our community succeeds. We work with you to teach you how to work through the complexities of human resources and set you up to grow and develop your organization and the people in it.  

We see you as an individual running a business, and through innovation we fill the gap between affordable, efficient online and virtual HR support with face-to-face, unique, tailored service that saves you time and money. We understand the community you work in because we live here too!

We are covered by professional liability insurance as HR professionals. 


We strive to inspire and motivate individuals to reach their unique maximum potential and value.

We volunteer and live in the community that you do business in and we want to see you succeed. We continuously develop ourselves as HR professionals and learn how to solve the problems that small businesses and organizations come across so we can share it with you. We strive to serve every client with unique and innovative solutions that allow you to get back to working in your organization. Your business isn't HR, ours is!

Our company is built on 3 pillars and we are committed to these in everything we do:



Lisa Isaac, CHRL, CHRP

Owner & HR Consultant

  • See Lisa on LinkedIn

Lisa is a Certified HR Leader and Professional, passionate about helping leaders with their people. Her authentic approach to leadership is to work in partnership for sustainable success. Prior to founding the company, she worked in the manufacturing, energy, and banking industries in Alberta, Nunavut, Ontario, and in her home community, Moose Deer Point First Nation, on beautiful Georgian Bay.

Learn more about  Lisa here

Marika square BIO PIC.jpg

Marika Sylvain

HR Projects

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Marika is an active communicator and public relations professional who enjoys strategizing to build lasting relationships between professionals, businesses, and their target audiences. Marika is experienced in conflict resolution and mediation and has been using these skills to investigate harassment complaints for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. Marika is Francophone and passionate about equity and equitable practices are at the forefront of her work.


Learn more about Marika here


Justine Perdeaux 

HR Advisor

  • See Justine on LinkedIn

Justine is a young, eager advocate for helping businesses, their leaders and their team to ensure they have the tools they need to thrive and succeed. During her time spent working in the Human Resources field, she has also found a passion in workplace health and safety. Whether it's working in a shop, a construction site, or in an office, she is enthusiastic about providing a safe and healthy work environment that protects the well-being of all that are involved.

Learn more about Justine here

Allison Leach.jpg

Allison Leach

HR Advisor

  • See Allison on LinkedIn

Allison is a dedicated HR professional nearing the completion of her CHRP candidacy. Alison is passionate about building a bridge between companies and their teams to create mutually beneficial relationships and effective workplaces. She has experience working with small businesses: fostering inclusive environments, creating efficient processes, and finding solutions for a variety of business concerns.

Learn more about Allison here

Rebecca Wilkinson_edited.jpg

Rebecca Wilkinson
Senior HR Consultant

  • See Rebecca on LinkedIn

Rebecca Wilkinson is a certified HR leader and professional (CHRL and CHRP) passionate about continuous learning, performance management, and employee development. A believer in authentic leadership, value-added behaviours, and high levels of productivity, Rebecca excels at challenges, creative problem solving, and customer service in the strategic HR function. Prior to joining Lisa Isaac HR Professional Services, Rebecca has worked in a variety of leadership and strategic total rewards roles in the International Chemicals, IT/Healthcare, Small Business Economic Development, and Automotive industries.  Recently Rebecca has been teaching future human resources professionals throughout the Ontario College system.


Learn more about Rebecca here

Our commitment to a successful community means that we want to see others succeed. We will always give potential clients a list of other resources that might need your needs, even if it means we aren't the final choice in the end. Our competitors are our collaborators and we are open to partnering with other organizations and professionals in order to provide the best solution for you. 


"Hoot hoot"
Lisa Isaac HR Professional Servces logo

The snowy owl is a source of guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and insight. Its flight is silent and graceful, yet the owl is powerful and precise. Seeing a snowy owl is a sign that marks the end of something, but that “something” could be a difficult time. The snowy owl carries messages across planes that cannot otherwise communicate with each other. It is a bird found in every Canadian province and territory. 

We see HR as being similar to the snowy owl. It is guidance, knowledge and insight. It is often practiced behind closed doors to respect privacy and confidentiality, yet HR is a powerful force that drives an organizational culture. Popular culture sometimes tells us to fear the HR meeting, but more often than not, we’re bringing about an end to something that only makes the organization stronger! Often, the solution is better communication, where two sides did not understand each other.

The personal inspiration is personified by the stuffed toy, named "Hoot hoot."  


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Owner and HR Consultant, Lisa Isaac, holds both designations of CHRL and CHRP with the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

As an Indigenous-owned organization, we are a Certified Aboriginal Business through the CCAB. 

We choose to participate in optional WSIB coverage because we are committed to working safely but also prepared in case of accidents or injuries. Our employees' health and safety are top priority in everything we do.

We are proud members of the Chamber of Commerce. Lisa was nominated as Member of the Year in the 2019 Outstanding Business Achievement Awards (OBAA) for her commitment and volunteerism.  

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