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Online Policy Management System

The Way We Do platform is managed and led by Lisa Isaac HR Professional Services ("LIHR").  The LIHR team offers a variety of human resources, process management, and business support solutions.

Way We Do is the ultimate workflow assistant. It has tools and features that make it easy for business owners to digitally transform their businesses by smoothly integrating processes and procedures into the daily workflow of the entire team.

Activated Checklists help team members perform repeatable processes efficiently and accurately by providing clear instructions in an interactive format, and automatic task reminders help ensure that important tasks and deadlines never fall through the cracks. Managers and supervisors love Way We Do because it allows them to monitor and review work progress in real time without having to stop their own work to micromanage the team.


How can we sum up Way We Do (WWD)?


  1. "It is a souped-up virtual policy manual with automations and training records built in."

  2. "One-stop shop to run your organization. Policies, procedures, training, documents, task-flow."

  3. "A way to communicate with your team on everything they know, even if you can't be there."

For more information and to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members please click the booking link below

The LIHR Online Policy Management System is in collaboration with ShopPros.

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