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Recognition is not Universal, but Appreciated

Recognition and rewards play a crucial role in keeping employees engaged and motivated at work. In the workplace, we often forget to celebrate the wins of employees or teams before moving on to the next goal or project. This gap in recognition can lead to employees feeling undervalued and wondering if their efforts are going unnoticed. Employers can be proactive before this happens by implementing a recognition program that ensures employees’ hard work is appreciated and appropriately awarded.

Be Proactive and Unique

Before you jump headfirst into ordering gift cards and booking employee retreats, it is important to realize that recognition is not a universal concept with a one-size fits all solution. Not all employees are motivated by the same things and may not appreciate the same type or style of recognition. Here at Lisa Isaac HR (“LIHR”), we have implemented a recognition process that ensures employees are provided with the opportunity to share their interests and how they like to be recognized individually.

When a new LIHR employee is hired, they are asked to fill out our Recognition Form as part of their onboarding experience. This form specifically asks employees if they prefer to have their achievements celebrated in person or privately; or if a written “great job!” suffices or if they would rather have a face-to-face chat for a job well done. Some employees prefer time off after a successful project while others would instead prefer to celebrate at a team event.

The form also asks about the employees’ interests such as favourite books, movies, and hobbies, as well as their coffee orders. This allows their colleagues, and not just their manager, to grab them a coffee or know just what to get them for the LIHR holiday gift exchange. This process welcomes a new employee to the organization in a way that recognizes them as an individual working toward goals within an established team. They have value here, and we want them to feel that from the get-go.


Be Realistic and Relevant

Ultimately, the types of recognition and reward must also work for your organization – as much as employees may state that a team trip to Disney World is their preferred method of reward, it must be realistic to the business! Set the tone by providing examples within your Recognition Form so employees can make choices between different options for reward and recognition that works for your team.

Understanding individual preferences through tools like the Recognition Form can help individualize the recognition program and can foster a culture of appreciation that not only acknowledges achievements but also strengthens bonds within the team. Remember, the goal is to create a supportive and rewarding environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to excel. So, take the time to personalize your recognition initiatives and watch as your team thrives!

Do you find it challenging to grasp the engagement levels of your employees? LIHR facilitates engagement surveys that measure the psychological health and safety of employees and identifies areas of concerns to help improve engagement, inclusion, and safety – including recognition and motivation. Book time with us to learn how we can help you engage, motivate, and reward employees.

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From the LIHR team and lead collaborator, Allison Leach, CHRP, HR Consultant

Blog Image Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

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