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Tired of Constantly Putting Out Fires? We Can Help With That!

Do you find yourself caught up in employee relations issues, leaving less time for you to focus on growing and sustaining your organization? If so, it might be time to invest in building the skills of your supervisors and managers. At Lisa Isaac HR Professional Services (“LIHR”), we understand the challenges business leaders face and have developed a comprehensive front-line leadership training program to help supervisors and managers thrive in their roles.

Proactively Limit the Issues

Did you know that most employee relations issues stem from unaddressed performance issues and a lack of accountability? LIHR’s Supervisor Fundamentals Training Course takes a proactive approach to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. By instilling a culture of ownership and accountability, your supervisors and managers will be better equipped to identify and address concerns before they escalate.

Simply put, waiting for issues to escalate to your desk to address them is not a sustainable strategy. LIHR’s Supervisor Fundamentals Training Course offers crucial support to leaders, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a team. By providing your supervisors and managers with the tools they need, you can say “goodbye” to consistent firefighting and “hello” to confident leaders capable of driving individual and team success.

The following are some details and key benefits of investing in LIHR’s Supervisor Fundamentals Training Course:

  • We offer 6 sessions customized to the needs of your organization, 1.5 hours in length, one session occurring every two weeks. Timelines can be adjusted to fit your needs.  

  • Arming your supervisors and managers with the skills and tools necessary to address performance issues promptly and resolve issues before they reach your desk.

  • Boosting the confidence of your supervisors and managers by giving them the opportunity to ask questions and practice new skills in a safe environment. Confident leaders inspire trust, increase team morale, and contribute to higher success of the organization.

  • Improving your overall team dynamics with well-trained supervisors and managers will foster the positive team culture and lead to improved collaboration, which ultimately impacts employee engagement and retention.

  • All participants receive an interactive, discussion-focused approach to learning, equipped with a fully detailed workbook (so they can focus on engaging, not taking notes), and a wide variety of tools to take with them and use as needed.

  • Getting your time back! Empowering your supervisors and managers to handle the day-to-day management issues so you can direct your focus on growing your organization. 

Your Return on Investment

Investing in the skill capacity of your supervisors and managers is an investment in the long-term success of your organization. Our training program is designed to empower leaders, reduce the burden on your plate, and create a workplace where both employees and leaders thrive. Don't wait for issues to escalate—take the proactive step towards a more efficient and harmonious workplace with LIHR’s Supervisor Fundamentals Training Course!

The costs of our training program may be eligible for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

Contact us to kick of your Training Needs Assessment.

Lisa Isaac HR Professional Services

From the LIHR team and lead collaborator, Justine Perdeaux, CHRP, HR Advisor 


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